Under Road Boring

Under Road boring is a highly specialized technique used for boring and drilling in confined spaces with the help of a wide range of underground boring tools and equipment. This technique is ideal for drilling under roadways, as well as driveway. It is also helpful in the installation of utility conduits for plumbers, electricians, developers & landscapers. 

Whether you want to bore and drill under the paved surface, or if you need drill roads near buildings, you can use the directional boring method for quick and efficient installation of pipelines, conduits, cables. One of the key benefits of under road boring technique is that it ensures quick installation as well as less disruption. 


Why Us? 

As the premier provider of under road boring in Sydney, Rollex Civil is capable of delivering your boring projects on time. Our highly experienced and professional drillers offer superior horizontal boring in Sydney. With years of expertise and knowledge in the area of horizontal and under road boring as well as drilling, we are fully capable of addressing your needs. 

  • Our safe and innovative boring and drilling methods help you to achieve your project goals, irrespective of the ground conditions.  
  • Our team of highly skilled drillers ensures that there is less soil contamination during the drilling procedure.
  • We ensure that the soil remains underground and there is less contamination. 
  • Our boring experts also ensure that the traffic is easily controlled, and there is minimal disruption above the ground. 


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