Underground Drilling

The process of underground drilling is used to drill the pilot hole between 2 points along a route, with the help of a steerable and guided drill stem. The drill string is used for installation for pulling back the cable or service pipe, along the same route while upsizing of the hole through reaming when necessary. 

Underground drilling or directional drilling is a versatile process that allows the safe and secure installation of Utilities. It is used for the installation of infrastructures like telecommunications, as well as water lines, power cable, conduit, gas lines, oil lines, sewer lines, and product pipelines. 

Benefits of the Underground Drilling Procedure

  • The process does not cause much disruption among the public since there isn't any need for closing the roads, which is usually the norm in the traditional methods.
  • Little or zero reinstatements of the job site. This happens because there are just 2 small-sized pilot holes on both the ends of the drilling system. Thus, no driveways, grass, or even consumers get disrupted. 
  • Vegetation or trees along the route don't get removed which is a huge advantage in environmentally sensitive areas. 

Why Us?

At Rollex Civil, our team of in-house and highly experienced engineers design as well as manufacture a wide range of network directional drilling and underground drilling machines. This enables drillers to carry out directional drilling, casing running, and managed pressure drill services with ease and perfection.

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