Trenchless Excavation

Trenchless excavation is a unique technique used for the installation or replacement of utility lines by utility contractors. It does not involve excavating a trench. The tool used for carrying out trenchless excavation is known as directional drilling that is capable of laterally exerting pressure on the drill bit that further helps to excavate a hole. The installation of utilities without opening trenches is extremely important. This is why trenchless excavation is used for various applications, such as railroads, roadways, stream beds. 

Benefits of Trenchless Excavation

 Some of the advantages of trenchless excavation include: 

  • The process does not require you to dig an entire route or line. 
  • The method is less destructive and hence does not cost a fortune.
  • Trenchless excavation allows you to install, replace, and repair pipelines with minimal efforts.

Why Rollex Civil?

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